Title: Urban Income Inequality in China Revisited (1988-2002)
Reference Number: 1119
Publication Date: April 2005
JEL Classifcation: C8; D3; R1

Sylvie Démurger
HIEBS, The University of Hong Kong and CNRS (France)

Martin Fournier
CEFC (Hong Kong) and Université d' Auvergne (France)

Li Shi
Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing)


Using newly available spatial price deflators, this paper shows that inequality evaluations in the literature overstate the magnitude of inequality and inequality changes in China, as well as the role played by regional differences in the observed inequality rise during the 1990s.


Published in Economics Letters 93 (December 2006) pp. 354-359.

Key words: Ineqaulity; China; Spatial price-deflators; Inequality decomposition

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