Title: Age Structure of the Workforce in Growing and Declining Industries: Evidence from Hong Kong
Reference Number: 1165
Publication Date: April 2007
JEL Classifcation: J10, J23, J24, L16

Jun Han
The University of Hong Kong

Wing Suen
The University of Hong Kong

Industry-specifc human capital reduces the incentive for older workers to leave declining industries and raises the incentive for younger workers to join growing industries. Using the industry restructuring experience of Hong Kong, we find that a one percent increase in employment share of an industry is associated with a 0.60 year decrease in the average age of its workforce. The relationship is more pronounced among less educated workers, who have less general human capital, and male workers, who are more committed to the labor force, than among well educated workers and female workers.

Published in Journal of Population Economics 24:1 (2011), pp. 167-189.

Key words: Industry-specific human capital, industry upgrading, sectoral shifts

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