Title: Gender Wage Differentials and Occupational Segregation in Hong Kong, 1981-1996
Reference Number: 1000
Publication Date: April 2000
JEL Classifcation: J16, J71

Yun-Wing Sung, Junsen Zhang and Chi-Shing Chan
Chinese University of Hong Kong

This paper analyzes gender wage differentials and the role of occupational segregation in Hong Kong. It is found that the female-male earnings ratio has increased substantially from 0.710 in 1981 to 0.839 in 1996. The Brown et al. decomposition, which takes into account occupational differences, shows that the gender pay gap is mostly within occupations and most of the intra-occupation wage gap is unexplained. The gender pay differential due to occupational differences is small; in fact, the overall occupational segregation favours females in Hong Kong.

Published in Pacific Economic Review 6, No. 3 (2001): pp 345-359 (15 pages).

Key words: gender wage differentials, occupational segregation, Hong Kong

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