Title: Foreign Trade of China
Reference Number: 1048
Publication Date: June 2002
JEL Classifcation: F1, O2

K.C. Fung
University of California, Santa Cruz

Hitomi Iizaka
University of California, Santa Cruz

Sarah Tong
HK Institute of Economics and Business Strategy


The paper provides a comprehensive overview of China's trade policies and development during the reform. During the past two decades, China's trade with the rest of the world has growth with an unprecedented speed. At the same time, China achieved remarkable economic growth. China's trade has some distinct characteristics. First of all, a large portion of China's trade is what is called processed trade, including trade due to processing and assembly and trade due to processing with imported materials. Secondly, a large portion of China's trade is conducted by foreign firms in China. Thirdly, China's trade is geographically concentrated in the southeast part of the country, especially in the province of Guangdong. Fourthly, Hong Kong has played important role in China's export expansion. A large portion of China's export go through Hong Kong to be re-exported elsewhere.


Key words: Country studies of trade, economic integration; trade policy, factor movement

Last modified: 12/20/2002