Institution(s): Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy

Date: Jun 24, 2002 (Monday)

Time: 12:00 am - 08:00 am

Venue: Island Shangri-La Hotel, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

Cost: June 24-25, 2002 (Both Day 1 and Day 2) - HK$2,000 per person
June 24, 2002 (Day 1 only) - $1,800 per person
June 25, 2002 (Day 2 only) - $600 per person

Contact: Tel: 25489300
Fax: 25483223


"China's Economy in the 21st Century" is one of the many activities undertaken by The Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy (HIEBS) to further the understanding of critical issues facing the economics and business of Asia.

China's emergence onto the world stage will continue to be one of the most important economic stories of the 21st century. Entry into the World Trade Organization and ongoing reforms will create enormous challenges as well as opportunities for China's economy and for business in the Chinese Mainland.

The two-day conference will bring together leading thinkers from around the world to assess the driving forces that will promote or hinder China's economic development in the new century.